Netter's Atlas of Surgical Anatomy for CPT Coding  NEW

Netter's Atlas of Surgical Anatomy for CPT Coding NEW

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An invaluable resource for CPT surgical coding with integrated anatomical instructions and illustrations! No other book brings anatomic and coding concepts together with the same degree of completeness and educational value.


This brand new publication from the AMA unites annotated CPT surgical codes and descriptions with clinically significant renderings by renowned medical illustrator, Frank H. Netter, MD, to simplify the navigation through complex operative reports for CPT code abstraction. This is an ideal tool to boost anatomical knowledge within the context of CPT codes.

Netter's Atlas of Surgical Anatomy for CPT® Coding has innumerable training applications, from the new coders applying and translating their understanding of anatomy in the context of CPT codes, to the seasoned coders who are trying to glean and extract important information from an operative report to physician notes—all in context of anatomy and CPT codes simultaneously.

This publication is an unsurpassed anatomical and CPT surgical coding reference that provides an invaluable resource to any setting that provides surgical services.


Netter's Atlas of Surgical Anatomy for CPT® Coding contains all of the official CPT surgical codes and descriptions for the CPT Surgery section, along with their corresponding headings, subheadings, and subsections. Code ranges are paired with anatomical or procedural Netter illustrations and captions that further direct the coder toward the appropriate CPT codes.

Also features:

  • Over 700 individual Netter illustrations paired with specific code ranges to guide code selection
  • Figure captions provide full descriptions about the anatomies and procedures illustrated by the images to assist in code selection.
  • Unique feature, Coding Atlas, presents additional information and details of anatomy related to procedures within specific CPT code ranges
  • A comprehensive glossary of procedural and anatomical terms simplifies complex terminology to promote further understanding
  • Chapter openers deliver an overview of the anatomical system(s) to provide a basic understanding of pathophysiology that may affect code selection
  • Written by Sheri Poe Bernard who has a 20-year history developing coding education and training tools, including serving as vice president of clinical coding content at AAPC