Medicare RBRVS 2017: The Physicians' Guide

Medicare RBRVS 2017: The Physicians' Guide

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AMA's Medicare RBRVS: The Physicians' Guide 2017is a concise, trusted resource on Medicare's RBRVS system. It provides the insights, tools and tables needed to understand the RBRVS system and to easily and accurately calculate payment schedules.


Access essential information to code for Medicare's RBRVS system in 2017.

Highlights include:

  • Payment rules and relative values for 2017 CPT® codes
  • Updated payment policies and an explanation of how they may impact your practice.
  • All of the elements necessary to calculate the 2017 Medicare Physician Payment Schedule, including an in-depth explanation of how the payment system operates and limits on physician charges.
  • Policy indicators for each physician services and geographic practice cost indices for each Medicare payment locality.
  • Detailed discussion regarding how private and public non-Medicare payers are changing their physician payment programs in response to the Medicare RBRVS.


With AMA's Medicare RBRVS: The Physicians' Guide 2017, you'll have the authoritative guide and reference for Medicare's RBRVS payment system, including:

  • Updated Medicare PFS, payment rules, and conversion factor — covers new payment rules that take effect in 2017
  • CPT coding changes for 2017 and updated RVUs for 2017 CPT® codes
  • Calculate and establish physician charges using RBRVS relative values
  • Calculate Medicare PFS— with updated payment policies, payment calculations and information on appropriate use of CPT modifiers
  • Critical insight into the RBRVS system — detailed background information on the RBRVS system, an in-depth explanation on the key components and operation of the payment system, geographic adjustments, conversion factors and limits on physician charges
  • List of RVUs for CPT- and HCPCS-coded procedures and services
  • List of RVUs for anesthesiology services
  • List of geographic practice cost indices (GPCIs; pronounced as "gypsies") for each for each Medicare payment locality: Physician Work; Practice Expense; and Malpractice Insurance
  • Calculate MPFS with every element of the 2017 RVUs: Physician Work; Practice Expense (Facility and Nonfacility); Professional Liability Insurance
  • Detailed discussion — covers the use of the RBRVS by Medicare and the private sector, and the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services' adoption of the Physician Practice Information Survey Data and other Practice Expense Methodology changes