ICD-10 2017 Snapshot Coding Card: Gastroenterology

ICD-10 2017 Snapshot Coding Card: Gastroenterology

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Diagnostic coding is a snap when using these coding cards. Available for 24 medical specialties, they allow health care professionals to easily locate a desired specialty-specific ICD-10-CM code.


Get a snapshot of the ICD-10-CM codebook for your specialty

The ICD-10-CM 2017 Snapshot Coding Cards provide commonly reported diagnostic codes and associated guidelines for a specialty. Pushpin icons help Snapshot users connect coding tips back to specific codes. These easy-to-use reference cards allow health care providers and staff members to quickly locate a desired code.

Choose from 24 specialty-specific Snapshot cards.


Features of the card include:

  • Updated codes! Content updates reflect the 2017 ICD-10 addendum
  • AMA exclusive! Guidelines and tips — make coding more accurate and complete
  • Alphabetical layout — makes locating a code quick and easy to accurately reflect a patient’s condition
  • Tailor-made content for a particular specialty — reflects the uniqueness of the specialist’s frequently used codes
  • Instant portability — fits easily into the codebook
  • Durable lamination — creates a sturdy, tear-resistant resource that can withstand daily use
  • Convenience and a competitive price — means a Snapshot can be provided affordably to each employee