Handbook for HIPAA-HITECH Security, Second Edition

Handbook for HIPAA-HITECH Security, Second Edition

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AMA's Handbook for HIPAA-HITECH Security helps enhance your understanding of HIPAA-HITECH security rule requirements. This quick reference tool also provides step-by-step guidance to implement and maintain compliance with the latest regulations and federal laws in your practice.


Handbook for HIPAA-HITECH Security, second edition details the final regulations brought about by HITECH changes to the HIPAA security rule and to the privacy rule as it applies to security. This essential guide will help you learn practical and pragmatic ways to interpret the new regulations and ensure compliance.

The handbook and accompanying CD-ROM enable health care professionals to successfully implement the systems necessary to establish and maintain the latest requirements. This new edition of a favorite AMA publication offers even more support, including:

  • Case Studies—Enhance your understanding of health information technology and the electronic health record
  • Question and Answer Sections—Test the comprehension of you and your staff on all of the important security concepts
  • Customizable Tables and Checklists (CD-ROM)—Effectively document the evidence of your compliance activities


Successful security implementation is covered in 10 chapters, an appendix, a glossary and a CD-ROM, covering such topics as:

  • The importance of information security
  • An overview of the HIPAA security rule
  • A plan of action to achieve and maintain security
  • Organizational relationships
  • Documentation requirements and management
  • Risk analysis
  • Administrative, physical and technical safeguards
  • Business associate relationships, contracts and agreements
  • Website security, remote access, passwords and encryption
  • Application of security controls
  • Case studies
  • Customizable tables and checklists

The publication of the HIPAA Final Rule has resulted in some updates to this title. See the AMA|Store Product Update page for more details.