Counseling the Alzheimer's Caregiver: A Resource for Health Care Professionals

Counseling the Alzheimer's Caregiver: A Resource for Health Care Professionals

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This resource provides clinically proven strategies to help caregivers deal with Alzheimer's Disease (AD).


Drawing on lessons learned during 15 years of empirical clinical treatment intervention, this manual is an invaluable resource for physicians and collaborating health care providers who work with families caring for an AD patient.

More than 80% of AD patients receive care from family or other non-formal help. With AD expected to affect an estimated 14 million people by the mid-21st century, this book is an increasingly important addition to your library.

Author Mary Mittelman, Dr.P.H. was recently presented with one of the first global awards for psychosocial research in Alzheimer's and dementia at the 24th Conference of Alzheimer's Disease International. Dr. Mittelman received this award for "the best evidence-based intervention for people with dementia and their careers" for work on the NYU Caregiver Intervention.


Counseling the Alzheimer's Caregiver provides:

  • Proven clinically-researched strategies to help caregivers deal with the enormous physical and emotional stress of caring for a loved one with AD
  • Outlines, in detail, of the symptoms of AD at each stage
  • Descriptions of both caregiver's and counselor's roles from the initial diagnosis to after the patient's death
  • Ways to create individualized intervention plans for the caregiver to use in managing behavioral and psychological symptoms of AD and maintaining their own well-being
  • Information on formal support services for patients living at home
  • Guidance on making the decision to place the patient in a residential facility