Coding Manual Official Errata and Official ICD-10-CM Guidelines - 2017

Price: $45.85

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CCO has assembled the perfect Errata book for Medical Coders and Billers containing the latest CPT™ and ICD-10-CM changes.

The Coding Manual Official Errata and Official ICD-10-CM Guidelines - 2017 book is a full-color 119-page, professional binder that includes:

  1. The latest errata from the current 2017 CPT™ manual and
  2. The latest errata from the current 2017 ICD-10-CM official guidelines.

This book received the thumbs up from the AAPC exam department for use during their certification tests as approved errata/guidelines that are allowed to be brought into the exam.

For your convenience, the pages have already been bubbled, highlighted and annotated using the popular BHAT™ method. This method was originally created in 1999 by Laureen Jandroep for CPT and further developed in 2015 by CCO Team Member Chandra Stephenson for ICD-10. You can learn more about this method and watch helpful videos at

The binder measures 8.5" x 11" and is delivered directly to you within 7-10 days.

Please note: This book only contains Errata. You will need to purchase the CPT™ and ICD-10-CM Manuals separately to obtain the full codesets.

Explanation of Highlighted Colors

  • Yellow for important items
  • Pink (might look like purple) for anywhere it says "NOT" or don't do something
  • Green for any mention of procedures that need to be separately coded (only back in chapters 19-20)