Required for Physician Based (PBC) Course (CPC) - 2019

2019 Books and Manuals required for the Physician Based Medical Coding (PBC) Course

  • Please make sure the year of your manuals matches the year you plan to take your certification exam.  
    • If you are taking your exam in 2018 choose 2018 manuals.  
    • If you are taking your exam in 2019 choose 2019 manuals.
    • See this FAQ video 

Regarding ICD-10-CM manual you can choose Physician or Hospital version. Laureen prefers the hospital version as it can be used for both Physician and Hospital. 

  • NOTE: Textbook years may not match manual years due to delays in publishing. Most new textbooks don't come out until February of the new year.  The content does not change that much from year to year and if there are significant changes we will make our students aware.